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Heliotrope Hand-Painted Twilly

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Experience the timeless charm of our batik twilly, meticulously hand-painted by skilled Kelantanese artisans. Crafted on 100% silk, this exquisite accessory features floral motifs symbolizing friendship. Elevate any outfit with its vibrant colours and intricate design, adding a touch of elegance and cultural significance to your style.

The meaning of heliotrope in friendship: The heliotrope flower holds a symbolic meaning of friendship. Known for its vibrant shades of purple and its captivating fragrance, the heliotrope is often associated with loyalty, devotion, and deep bonds of friendship. It is believed to represent the unwavering support, trust, and understanding that true friends offer to one another. The heliotrope's enchanting beauty serves as a reminder of the cherished connections we cultivate and the importance of nurturing and valuing our friendships. In the language of flowers, gifting heliotrope can convey heartfelt sentiments of appreciation, gratitude, and the enduring nature of friendship.

  • 100%  silk 
  • Featuring fully hand-painted in-house batik design 
  • 100% hand-drawn using "chanting"
  • 95cm x 5cm size
  • Includes an authenticity certificate, adding value to the art piece
Hand-drawn by Hanin Kamal
Batik artist |Horticulturist
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