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Peony in Plum

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This captivating hand-painted crepe batik piece harmoniously blends English and tropical motifs, creating a mesmerizing fusion of cultures. Against a backdrop of deep plum and black, elegant peony motifs in shades of grey and blue gracefully intertwine with the lush silhouettes of monstera and palm leaves.

Crafted from exquisite crepe silk, this artwork showcases the mastery of the local artisan from Kelantan. Each brushstroke, meticulously applied using a chanting tool, reflects the artist's dedication and expertise. Taking more than 7 days to complete, this batik masterpiece is a testament to the patience and skill required in this traditional art form.

This unique creation not only captures the beauty of nature but also represents the harmonious blending of different artistic influences. It stands as a testament to the artist's talent and the rich cultural heritage of Kelantan.

  • Features fully hand-painted in-house batik design by our most experienced artisan
  • 100% crepe silk fabric
  • 100% hand-drawn using "chanting"
  • 4.2m length
  • Crafted more than a week time

Hand-drawn by IjeHand-dyed by Amira
Batik artist | MusicianBatik artist | Make-up artist
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